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Expand the Possible: Exploring Your Inner Landscape through Music Evoked Imagery
This full day workshop and retreat will give you a new way to process your thoughts,
access your intuition, and make decisions for action.
Dates for 2017 to be announced

Unconditional Presence of Sound: Cultivating Mindful Awareness
Dates in 2017 to be announced

Music and Imagery in Healing
Dates in 2017 to be announced
Charlottesville, VA

GIM Renewal Day
Dates in 2017 to be announced
Charlottesville, VA

Other workshops in 2017 to be announced

Contact me to schedule a workshop in your area.

Other workshops provided by Erin Johnson

Music and the Arts:
* Awakening the Dream Within: Music, Archetypes and Mandalas
* The Transformative Power of Music
* Mandala and MARI : Tools to Enhance Creativity

Staff Development/Organizational Training:

* Transforming Problems Into Possibilities
* Visioning and Creativity for Innovative Solutions
* Creative and Effective Stress Management in the Workplace
* Creative Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Employees
* Peer Today, Supervisor Tomorrow, Navigating Changing Roles

Training for Counselors and Coaches:

* The Use of Music for Creativity, Learning and Stress Reduction
* Mandala and MARI: Tools to Enhance Creativity
* Life Coaching Skills for Counselors
* Getting Unstuck: Working With Challenging Clients
* Collaborating with Clients: A Solution Focused Approach
* Solution Focused Counseling in the School Setting