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MARI/Mandala Assessment Training

Training in the use of the MARI Card Test and the Drawn Mandala

MARI Intensive – Online Course beginning November 2017

Other 2017 training dates online, and in Charlottesville, Virginia Beach and Roanoke, to be announced.

Feel free to contact me to provide training in your area!

Would you be interested in learning an assessment tool to use in your counseling, art or music therapy, coaching or bodywork practice that would quickly inform you and your clients about unconscious issues as well as personal strengths that will impact your work together?

The Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI Card Test), is a holistic and non-verbal assessment instrument designed by art therapist Joan Kellogg to gain insights into a client’s current psychological, relationships, career and physical issues. Based on the work of Carl Jung, the MARI Assessment and the Drawn Mandala are innovative, creative, and expressive tools that provide diagnostic information and can also be used to reinforce and track client progress. These tools have been used by mental health practitioners, personal and business coaches, art therapists, and music therapists for over 30 years.

The MARI courses include training in the MARI Card test and the Drawn Mandala, administration and interpretation skills and practice, clinical applications of the assessment tool, supervised practice, case studies, indications and contraindications with various clinical populations, and professional ethics.

What you will learn and experience in the MARI Level I Course:

* Use of the MARI to assess client readiness, resources, & energy to address issues of personal growth, work, relationships, health, creativity & spirituality
* Supervised practice providing effective, relevant, ethical, and strength-based assessments
* Understanding the stages of development reflected in the MARI Card Test
* Instruction and practice administering a MARI assessment
* Significance of symbols and images typically encountered in the drawn mandala
* How to incorporate the drawn mandala in your work with individuals and groups

A few words from a recent MARI Level 2 participant:
“As a psychologist I have spent years studying and using many different assessment tools. I have found the MARI test to be engaging, accurate and excellent with resistant clients, particularly adolescents. The MARI is outstanding in assessing the “here and now” and it’s Test-Retest capabilities add extra value. The MARI creates unique opportunities for insightful interactions with clients. I would recommend it as part of any therapist’s tool box.” WWB

Upcoming MARI/Mandala Assessment Training

MARI Intensive Online – 2017 dates to be announced

MARI Intensive in Charlottesville, VA – 2017 to be announced

Contact Erin by email or phone for further information or to register for this program.

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