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Counseling Services

I have been in private practice for over twenty years, and I use a Mind-Body, Solution-Focused perspective in my work, specializing in stress reduction, anxiety management and relationship enhancement.

Contact me to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

The issues I work with include:

*Anxiety and worry
*Self-esteem and self-confidence
*Depression and grief
*Stress reduction
*Work issues
*Career decision-making
*Enhancing creativity
*Deepening spiritual connection
*Communication issues
*Relationship problems
*Work/life balance
*Health challenges

The services I provide to address these and other issues include:


Life presents many challenges that require us to pay closer attention to relationships, career, health concerns, emotional well-being, or life balance. I offer an approach that is respectful and empowering, that focuses on your strengths as well as your problems, and enhances your confidence. Many of my clients have said they appreciate my interactive style and my focus not only on helping them to resolve problems, but also on what they really want to create in their life.


Are you desiring to improve communication and enhance your relationship with your partner? Many people are invested in creating a more satisfying relationship, but may have difficulty making this happen due to trust issues, emotional reactivity, and conflicts. I help couples identify and build on the strengths in their relationship and to learn strategies to improve communication and reduce conflict, so that their relationship is more loving, respectful, and fulfilling.


Have you tried traditional talk therapy but have not gotten the results you hoped for? Many people find Guided Imagery and Music gets to the heart of the problems they are dealing with more quickly. This music-centered approach works as a mind-body intervention to connect you with your own deepest wisdom as a means to develop greater self-awareness, wellness, and creativity in transforming personal, career, health, and relationship challenges. Contact me to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Testimonial about Guided Imagery and Music:

“My experience with Guided Imagery and Music was particularly uplifting and transformational. By setting a conscious intention, while allowing the music to cradle my unconscious, a vivid parade of images arose in my mind’s eye. An encounter with the Self was experienced both musically and as visual metaphor, anchoring new levels of insight and shifting deeply held beliefs throughout my mind, body and spirit. Some of the issues I explored through Guided Imagery and Music included letting go of the past, softening negative mind patterns, forgiveness, gratitude, and patience in the creative process.

After working with Erin, I emerged with greater focus, vision, and commitment to my creative goals as well as more balance, joy and presence in my life overall. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who wishes to transform dreaming into doing, develop their creativity to its fullest potential, and learn to believe in their own unique voice.” Laura, 2/16/12

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