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Personal and Creativity Coaching

Balancing work and personal commitments is challenging. It can be difficult to know how to balance the many parts of our lives. Coaching is a professional relationship that you and I create to help you get clarity on goals in alignment with what is most meaningful for you, and to help you follow through with choices and actions that support these goals. I will help you develop greater creativity in problem-solving, so that you will have the confidence and tools to discover your own creative solutions to achieving life and work balance. I offer coaching in person or on the phone. Contact me to learn more!

College Coaching

College is supposed to be one of the best times in life, yet for many it can be challenging and overwhelming. I enjoy working in person or on the phone with college students, and I am aware of the many personal, social, academic, and relationship challenges students face. Through coaching I offer you a way to deal with these challenges so that your college experience is as rewarding as you (and your parents!) had hoped it would be. Contact me for more information on how I can help you focus on academics, yet have a life!

Testimonial from an artist and designer

“Erin provided me with a powerful toolbox of techniques to help me move forward in my creative life as an artist and aspiring designer. By first building a foundation of compassion and acceptance towards myself and my past, I was able to increase my confidence, re-connect with my authentic joy, and unleash all the colors of my creative energy. I discovered I could shift the trajectory of my future by living more fully in the present, and with this realization, so many of the old fears and imagined obstacles fell away.

My experience with Guided Imagery and Music was particularly uplifting and transformational. By setting a conscious intention, while allowing the music to cradle my unconscious, a vivid parade of images arose in my mind’s eye. An encounter with the Self was experienced both musically and as visual metaphor, anchoring new levels of insight and shifting deeply held beliefs throughout my mind, body and spirit. Some of the issues I explored through Guided Imagery and Music included letting go of the past, softening negative mind patterns, forgiveness, gratitude, and patience in the creative process.

After working with Erin, I emerged with greater focus, vision, and commitment to my creative goals as well as more balance, joy and presence in my life overall. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who wishes to transform dreaming into doing, develop their creativity to its fullest potential, and learn to believe in their own unique voice.”

Laura Edwards Wooten, 2/16/12

Check out Laura’s blog My Suburban Life at http://blog.laurawooten.com/